Register Your Team Online 2014-15 (Coaches only)!

Only coaches can register their teams online.   The fee:  Jr. FLL - $40 per each student and $80 per each student in a FLL or FTC team.    

Presentation Night

Presentation night is an opportunity for FLL teams to practice their presentation in front of families, other teams and to be judged by trained judges.

YIS Scrimmage

MANDATORY - Jr. FLL "pre-Expo" practice, YIS pep rally, Annual Meeting, and FLL robot scrimmage for teams to practice and gain some timed table experience before competition. T-shirts are also handed out at this event to teams who are fully registered (pls remember to get your t-shirt artwork on time - so much more fun for the kids to have cool t-shirts!!)

Robot Jam

Veteran FLL teams share ideas and knowledge with novice FLL teams in a roundtable format.

FLL Song by Mad Hatters!

Solon Scrimmage

On November 5, 2013 The YIS teams met to show what they have learned with their project, model, robot and programming. 

The teams perform a trial run of what they have been practicing for weeks. Many teams mentor each other at this event. It is another way that YIS supports YIS teams.

FTC Tournament

Congratulations to our FTC students for a job well done at Tournment at Tri C East on January 11, 2014 !! 

YIPEE Lemonade Day 2013


Nadine Otterman in MIT Alumni Leadership Conference

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