About YIS

The Young Innovators' Society is a 501(c)3 organization of volunteers who inspire K-12 students to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Entrepreneurship learning and to become gracious, professional leaders. We strive to engage the students in programs that foster STEM literacy, 21st century skills and how to work as a team to solve unique challenges.

The Young Innovators' Society was established by Nadine Otterman and an enthusiastic group of new FIRST Lego League coaches who are both parents and leaders in a variety of fields.

FIRST FLL and Jr. FLL teams do much more than build with Legos. They are scientists who investigate real-world problems. Through age-appropriate research, they learn to challenge the norm and ask insightful questions. Through field trips and direct contact with professionals, they gain perspective on the importance of the problem they are investigating, and how these challenges fit into the world around them.

Children learn problem solving and the design process, and they learn that engineering is the art of making all those scientific principles do something good for the world around them.

Above all, they have fun and learn the culture of gracious professionalism which permeates throughout the organization. The board provides support and trust to our coaches and mentors, creating an expectation of mutual respect and a willingness to both coach and be coachable.

FIRST Lego League is a large program that YIS offers in the Fall.  There are Yipee programs during the Spring.  Lemonade Day is one of the Spring entrepreneurship programs.